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How to Write a Good Property Listing

How To Write A Good Property Listing

Before anyone can buy or rent your property, you need to gain some attention first. Property advertising starts with a property listing. This article will focus on tips you can follow to make an excellent property listing.

You must craft words and images that appeal to your target audience. If the ad is doing its job right, our eyes should be glued to it. The effectiveness of the ad is also judged by how many prospects you attract.   

Here are tips to creating a great property listing:


The Power of Images

Our eyes get drawn to attractive pictures even if it just skims our feed. When we browse through a magazine, we automatically scrutinize an image more if it’s colorful and vibrant. 

With this information, know that your property listing must reflect compelling photos. Hire a professional if you don’t have high-end equipment and solid photography skills. 

Your ad must contain the best shots of the property features. People generally check for more details if the property has captured their interest. Therefore, angles and lighting play a huge role. 

People prefer seeing things visually rather than reading about the property in text form. They want to evaluate its compatibility with their aesthetic. 

It also helps them view the condition of the property. Is it well maintained? Does it have curb appeal? 

Bad photos can discourage and equate to fewer requests for property showings. Instead, opt for a professional to take the shots in high definition and post the property pictures on various social media platforms. Doing this makes feedback and questions easier to check and reply to online.


It’s All in the Details

The more interested a prospect is, the more details he wants to acquire. The more specific your description, the easier it will be for prospective buyers or tenants to picture the property. It will also inspire plenty of curiosity and interest. 

Be Specific In How You Describe The Property

Here are some things that you can include in the property listing:

  • Square footage of the rooms and property itself
  • Specific parts of the house, such as a balcony, patio and garden
  • Property location
  • Property amenities
  • Distance to public transportation
  • Outside amenities, such as local grocery shops, convenience stores, parks, recreation centers, medical facilities, library and community pool
  • Rent value


Property Highlights and Stand-Out Features

People looking for a property often conduct comparison studies between properties. When their budget matches the price of your property listing, they check what makes it different from the others they’ve seen. Hence make sure you know what to highlight and what’s vital for your target audience. 

For example, retirees usually prefer having a garden area since they have time for this hobby, in contrast to busy executives. Families would appreciate space on the patio for barbecue get-togethers. 

Before posting a property listing, study the needs of your target market. Next, promote what will be a critical factor in their decision-making. 

If you blend in with others, your listing will quickly get lost among them. Strive to raise your property value by highlighting features that people desire.


Online Posting

Traditional property listings used to be on print only. Now, thanks to digitization, it’s much faster and less costly to post online. Advantageously, interested parties are also able to contact you quickly. Most marketing and transactions occur online as well, so maximize the attention you’ll receive by posting your listings more.

Interact With Your Property Audience Through Social Media

It’s also a great idea to expand further by using social media and trying different platforms. If your target audience is younger, they are undoubtedly using social media. Take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Here are other free online marketplaces to explore:

  • Craigslist
  • Zillow
  • Oodle
  • Fizber
  • Letgo
  • FindMyRoof
  • Beycome
  • Hoobly
  • FreeClassifieds
  • WebClassifieds
  • ClassifiedAds
  • BuyandSell
  • AdlandPro


The Value of Proofreading

Be watchful over errors since this can reflect on your company’s image. Proofread your copy before posting and check your grammar, as well as syntax. 

Have you ever experienced being annoyed and distracted by a bad copy? We all have at some point, so this is an important step you shouldn’t forgo.

Details are significant, as you’re trying to sell and build interest through words. If you fail at this, you’ll lose prospects. 

People have short attention spans, so make sure it’s worth their while to read your property listing. You can also avoid embarrassment if you take the necessary time to review what you wrote. 


Concrete, Concise Language.

It can be tempting to use hyperbolic language to evoke interest, but it’s best to avoid them. If your words don’t match the actual property, you’ll simply waste both you and the viewer’s time. 

Exaggeration won’t achieve your end goal at the end of the day. It’s best to use realistic language, simple words and an authentic tone.

Expectations will be hard to manage if you use boosted language. Talk about the actual upgrades, brands of the furnishings and the amenities that can be found. 

Use The Right Language When Describing The Property

Be specific and detailed. Too much flowery language can also turn off prospects, so it’s best to be natural. Avoid sounding robotic, though too much technical language can also be dry and difficult to inspire interest. 


Bottom line

A property listing requires good preparation skills. It creates an excellent impression as you introduce your property to a potential buyer or tenant.

Just remember to use concrete, descriptive language, avoid exaggeration, use great photos, post online, provide more details and proofread or hire a proofreader. A good property listing will help in filling out property vacancies right away or sell them for a great price.


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