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Are you an owner searching for a property manager in Tamarac, Florida, that delivers results?

At Florida Property Management & Sales, we provide superior value by maximizing your rental property profits. We are a property management company that handles the business details, including intelligent marketing, meticulous tenant screening, prompt rent collection, preventative property maintenance, and quick repairs. We also prepare comprehensive monthly financial reports to keep you updated on the status of your properties. We help keep the stresses at bay so you can enjoy the steady stream of income coming from your investment property.

Florida Property Management & Sales has been delivering excellent value to a countless number of property owners in South Florida for over four decades. We execute tailored strategies and accurate rental market analysis for our clients. We offer a full array of property management services, from attracting quality tenants to dealing with repairs and maintenance. Combining cutting edge technology and personal attention, we are tuned in to our owners’ needs by maintaining a consistent hands-on approach. Our years of professional property experience guarantees that you can trust us to fully support you and provide exceptional value. We work tirelessly to provide a wonderful customer service experience for both the owner and their tenants. Our lines of communication are always open for you.


Our Tamarac property management services

Florida Property Management & Sales maintains a hands-on approach and capitalizes on our real estate industry skills and knowledge. We are driven to offer outstanding services in property marketing, tenant screening, rent-setting, prompt rent collection, property upkeep, and accurate financial reporting.


1. Marketing your rental property

As an owner, we will help take care of the marketing for your rental property and use targeted advertisements. We analyze market trends and use vital marketing strategies to obtain quality tenants. At Florida Property Management & Sales, we value efficiency, since we understand that vacancies equate to financial losses.


2. Tenant screening and interviewing process

We use our professional knowledge and solid experience to select the best and most qualified tenants for you.


Over 40 years of tenant acquisition has given us a competitive edge and credible skills in knowing what kind of clients to look for. Our practical and effective tenant screening has served us well over our many years.


3. Rent collection

We have efficient systems for prompt rent collection, starting with the tenant recruitment all the way to the signed lease agreement. We use a variety of effective methods to maintain the monthly cash flow from your Tamarac property investment. Florida Property Management & Sales works hard to ensure that our clients are rewarded well for their property investments.


4. Rent setting

We ensure that a thorough rental market analysis is conducted. We survey the neighborhood for price comparisons for proper rental price assignment. Rent price is a critical factor in attracting tenants and as such, we place a premium on executing this strategy perfectly.


5. Property repairs and maintenance


We make sure to frequently inspect your Tamarac property for preventive maintenance. To avoid costly future repairs, we prioritize your property’s upkeep. Your proximity to your property will never be an issue, as we have established systems to methodically oversee our clients’ properties.


6. Tenant management

We recognize the value of managing tenants well. We provide amazing customer service and do our utmost to keep them happy and heard.


Issues and concerns will crop up over time, but you are shielded from the stress because we make it our duty to resolve these issues from our end. At Florida Property Management & Sales, we create a culture of tenant loyalty. We build positive, professional rapport, ensuring the success of your property business.


7. Legal compliance

We keep ourselves updated with the dynamic Florida landlord-tenant laws. We remain abreast of the current local, state, and federal rental property laws to ensure your legal protection. We also monitor your legal compliance to keep you away from costly lawsuits that can also be detrimental to your reputation as a property owner.


8. Partnerships with vendors and service providers

In this industry, great partnerships with vendors and service providers are paramount. Dealing with property maintenance regularly requires a trusted group of professional contractors. We have built steady partnerships with trustworthy local companies in order to provide high-quality products and services at reasonable prices. This benefit cascades down to you, translating to lower operational costs.


9. More time and freedom

We understand that time is finite and managing a rental property on your own requires a lot of responsibilities and sheer hard work.


At Florida Property Management & Sales, we want our clients to maintain a proper work-life balance. We take care of their property investments so they can enjoy its rewards; they can gain more time and financial freedom to focus on other worthwhile opportunities, projects, or leisure.


Tamarac, Florida

Tamarac, Florida, is a residential suburb of Fort Lauderdale. It is considered one of the best places to live, with most residents owning their own homes. It has a suburban environment with plenty of parks, such as Fern Forest Nature Center, Caporella Park, Hampton Pines Park, Gary B. Jones Dog Park, and Sunset Point Park.

Tamarac, Florida, is an ideal place to raise a family or to retire. There are tremendous public schools in Tamarac, Florida, so quality education is readily available.

The best thing about choosing to live in Tamarac, Florida, is the community lifestyle it offers. Residents are close to nature with its parks and choice of recreational centers. It has great schools and family-friendly and retiree neighborhoods. Owning and renting a residential property in Tamarac, Florida, is definitely a good value for its proximity to a lot of other cities as well. Most of all, the properties are affordable. The city further focuses on development, serving as a testament to its attractiveness and livability.


Areas We Serve

Besides Tamarac, we also service the areas of Parkland, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Coconut Creek, Miramar, Cooper City, Plantation, Sunrise, Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, and Weston.