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Top Reasons to Live in South Florida

Top Reasons To Live In South Florida

There’s no question why South Florida attracts so many tourists and new residents every year. The weather is excellent all year round, and there’s wonderful cultural entertainment and diverse cuisine available.

On top of that, staying in South Florida can feel like being on permanent vacation thanks to the easy access to long stretch beaches and a range of outdoor recreation.

If that’s not enough, South Florida also offers great value for your money; you won’t be subjected to paying a state income tax, and the cost of living is lower than other US states.

If you’re planning to rent a home, the prices are also lower in comparison to other places, making South Florida an ideal area to settle down.

Below are some of the best reasons to choose South Florida for your next home or investment property.

1. The Incredible Beaches

South Florida Beaches

South Florida is a haven for beachlovers! It’s perfect for those looking to enjoy the invigorating sea breeze and pristine beaches. There’s also a good number of beaches to pick from, and all are just a short distance away.

Postcard-worthy waterfronts await you in South Florida with its white powder sand, rich birdlife, and scenic natural environment.

Head over to Siesta Key Beach to watch the world sand sculpting event that they host regularly. For a more peaceful and laid-back beach, Cayo Costa State Park is a gorgeous secret gem.

If you’re raring for exciting water activities, Hobie Island Beach Park is your answer. You can windsurf, sail and jetski to your heart’s content.

Other than that, South Florida also offers great fishing, paddle boarding, and diving in its beautiful waters. You can even go exploring while sailing a boat. The choices are limitless, and the beaches endless!

2. Amazing Weather

Florida weather is reliable. It’s sunny, warm, and a great climate for outdoor enthusiasts. You can still expect some rain, especially in the rainy season, but it typically comes in short bursts. The sun will inevitably part the clouds so you can once again head out.

The rainy season can usually be expected in late spring and early fall. If you’re relocating from someplace where the temperatures are generally low, you’ll welcome the fresh sunshine you get almost year-round in South Florida.

3. Lively Festivals and Events

Vibrant local festivities are often held in Florida. Check out the night markets, scavenger hunts, and exciting shows. You’ll also get to see an international boat show, live music shows, seafood festival, film festival and Caribbean culture fest.

You can also expect wine festivals, and food festivals like the Feast of Little Italy which celebrates Italian cuisine.

You’ll never be short of interesting events to attend in South Florida. The social calendar is always in full swing, given the myriad of activities and performances available to join in on.

You’ll never have a dull weekend again when you move to South Florida!

4. Variety of Cuisine

Food Festivals South Florida

In South Florida, you’ll come across a mix of Floridian and Caribbean cuisine (known as Floribbean). You can expect delightful seafood dishes and Southern comfort food, combined with Latin influences.

In fact, South Florida holds the Great Chowder Debate, a yearly competition for the best chowder in town.

Another renowned cuisine South Florida is known for is the delicious barbeques! Marinated meats grilled to perfection and brushed with a divine variety of sauces. We recommend Shorty’s BBQ and Shiver’s BBQ.

Other popular seafood dishes served in this side of the state are fresh oysters and appetizing ceviche. For Latin-American-influenced meals, you can opt for hand-rolled empanadas with rich fillings and arroz con pollo mixed with beans and peppers.

Of course, the Cuban Sandwich or Cubano is popular for a reason; it’s a wonderful blend of roasted meat, cheese, and ham tucked inside fresh Cuban bread.

5. Rich Cultural Entertainment

Culture And Art South Florida

Settling in South Florida means getting great exposure to museums, art festivals, literary events, and theater performances. You’ll never be short on cultural experiences!

You’ll have nearby access to contemporary art, unique museum collections, avant-garde art galleries, outdoor music performances, and international art fairs.

Get ready to attend free shows such as Shakespeare in the Park, symphonies at the park, and community events such as Art Deco Weekend. These provide residents with a greater appreciation for cultural art in South Florida.

6. Lower Living Expenses

Perhaps most importantly, South Florida is an affordable place to live in, depending on the area. You’ll get to keep more disposable income with the zero income tax policy.

This means you’ll actually get to save more, or have extra money to spend on entertainment and trips.

The house prices are lower in comparison to other areas, which is one of many great reasons to invest in South Florida real estate.

If you’re looking to rent a home in South Florida, you’ll enjoy these benefits as well, as the rent prices are certainly affordable.

Some also choose to purchase a South Florida property and convert it into a rental home for additional earnings. No matter your goal, these tax savings can make life much more enjoyable and stress-free as a South Florida resident or investor.

Bottom line

South Florida offers beautiful beaches, amazing weather, a variety of cuisine, lively festivals, and rich cultural entertainment. Even better, they cut you some slack with their zero personal income tax. That’s why plenty of people have decided to become part of the South Florida community.

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