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Searching for a professional residential property management company in Fort Lauderdale? If so, Florida Property Management & Sales can help you in Broward County! We are an industry leader when it comes to providing comprehensive property management services.

For over 40 years, Florida Property Management & Sales has been in the forefront of helping property investors manage their South Florida rental properties.

Full Service Property Management Solutions

Yes, there are many property management companies in South Florida. For this reason, you are probably asking yourself – why should I hire you?

  • Well, with us, you get more than just top services. You get to enjoy comprehensive property management solutions.
  • We understand how important your investment is to you. As such, we’ll go above and beyond to meet your expectations. What’s more, our years of industry experience has helped us know what works and what doesn’t.
  • At Florida Property Management & Sales, we have the staff, the tools and the willingness to handle all your investment needs. We sweat the details as well as the high level strategy.

So, what are you still waiting for? If you are looking for a property management company to manage your South Florida rental property, look no further. We’ve got what it takes to meet your goals.


Our Management Guarantees

Renter Guarantee
Renter Placement Guarantee We guarantee we will place a renter within 28 days, or the first two months of management fees are FREE!
Lease Guarantee
Lease Fulfillment Guarantee We guarantee that if a renter we place is evicted or breaks the lease, we will re-rent the unit for FREE!
Satisfaction Guarantee
Satisfaction Guarantee We’re so confidant you will be happy with our services, if you are not satisfied with our services you can cancel with no penalty.
Price Match Guarantee
Price Match Guarantee We will match any competitor’s price and terms, apples to apples.
Results Guarantee
Results Guarantee We don’t get paid unless you get paid. You will not be charged a management fee unless rent is collected.

Hire A Property Manager To Manage Your Rentals 

What makes us stand out from other Fort Lauderdale rental management companies? Well, here is what we offer.

Residential Property Management In Fort Lauderdale

1. Reduced Vacancy Rates

A rental property vacancy is every landlord’s worst nightmare. It means zero income at the end of the month. It also means that you’ll have to find money from other sources to help settle any debts or property expenses.

Ensuring your rental property is occupied is key to your business’ success.

With us, you don’t have to sweat a thing. From putting up “For Rent” signs to posting your listing on handpicked rental listing sites, we’ll help market your property to as many applicants as possible.

With our help, you’ll be able to get your property rented quickly and consequently start earning from your investment. 

Tenant 1

2. Get the Best Tenants

As any seasoned rental property owner will tell you, finding the right tenants isn’t always easy.

At Florida Property Management & Sales, we have the knowledge, experience, and the right tools to screen and find high-quality tenants for your property. Our tenant screening process is not only thorough, but also operates within the confines of the law.

More Income

3. Earn More Income

The pricing has to be right, if you are to get the most out of your investment. Overcharging on rent will only make it harder for you to fill your vacancies. This is the last thing you want.

On the other hand, undercharging your tenants will mean leaving money on the table. 

To avoid either of these two unfavorable scenarios, the rental price needs to be right. And, that’s where Florida Property Management & Sales comes in handy.

We’ll use tried-and-tested tools to help you price your rental properly.

Rent Collection

4. Efficient Rent Collection

There is no denying it. Rent is the lifeblood of your rental business. How it’s collected can either make or break your investment.

At Florida Property Management & Sales, we take rent matters seriously. We set clear rules on rent that define important things like:

  • When rent is due.
  • Acceptable payment methods
  • The amount of late fee, if applicable.
  • What happens if a check bounces.

Setting these rules clear from the beginning allows us to prevent rent-related issues later on.


5. Legal Compliance 

There is more that goes into residential property management. It’s not just a matter of collecting a check at the end of the month. You must ensure your property is working within the boundaries of the law.

These laws can be quite extensive: from tenant privacy laws to security deposit laws to Fair Housing Rules. What’s more, they are constantly changing.

Luckily, with us, worries will be a thing of the past. Rental property management is all we do day in, day out. We’re well-versed in landlord-tenant laws and will help you remain legally compliant.

Pie Chart

6. Monitoring Financial Growth

Want to know how your property is doing from the comfort of your home? As our client, you’ll have access to an online portal that will allow you to view your property’s financial and performance reports. As long as you have internet access you’ll be able to monitor the financial growth of your investment.

Gavel 2

7. Tenant Eviction Process 

In the unlikely event of an eviction, we have a proven process that respects all aspects of Florida’s landlord-tenant laws. Our tenant eviction procedures are in place to handle all problematic tenants.

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There is a reason why clients keep coming back. It’s because our quality of services remains unmatched in South Florida.

We understand that owning a rental property in Fort Lauderdale is a huge financial investment. As such, we’ll help protect it by ensuring it’s clean, presentable, and well-maintained. 

Moreover, hiring professionals is a great way of maximizing your investment’s ROI.

From marketing your property and screening potential tenants to maintaining the property and remaining legally compliant, our team is ready to help. Our team is professional and committed, friendly and experienced.

We promise you high-quality services and more. All you need to do is contact us by calling or sending us a message.