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8 Things to Know About the Fair Housing Act


The Florida Fair Housing Act (FHA) entitles every American to equal opportunity in the housing market under the fair housing laws. For example, housing providers who do not provide an accessible route into the property or provide reasonable accommodation for a disability or any other prohibited practices. There are seven protected classes under the fair […]

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Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Broward County


Purchasing real estate in Broward County FL, Fort Lauderdale, and North Lauderdale can be a great investment with many great deals available. However, there are some important tips to consider when buying an investment property altogether. One of our favorite real estate sayings to live by is “don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real […]

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6 Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make When Budgeting for Their Rental Property


Buying a rental property in Broward County can be a very lucrative investment strategy. Making the right investment can enable you to earn passive income and accumulate assets. Sadly, some landlords either fail to buy in the right location or just simply buy the wrong property. This is especially true for beginner landlords, who lack […]

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Quick Guide to Effective Tenant Screening in Broward County, Florida


  How do you keep your Broward County property in good shape? Maintenance is part of it but selecting the right tenants is just as important. You shouldn’t rely on your intuition when selecting a tenant. It’s vital to have a proper screening process. Keep on reading to get a more in-depth overview of how […]

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Hiring a Property Manager vs. Self-Managing: What’s Better?

Florida Realty and Sales-Property-Manager-Self-Managing

“Should I manage my property or should I hire a property manager?” This is a common question that many Florida rental property owners ask. That’s because the way a rental property is managed can make all the difference to its success and profitability. Deciding who takes care of the property is an important decision. […]

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The Beginners Guide: How to Make Money with Rental Properties

Florida PM

Have you thought about investing in rental units? Smart real estate investments may give you a surprising return. As with any investment property, learning as much as you can about the real estate business beforehand is strongly recommended. Knowledge is important when it comes to making good rental property investments. When you turn out to […]

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Key Items You Should Include in Your Florida Lease Agreement


Congratulations on becoming a landlord! Now that you have overcome the first part of the hurdle, what next? Well, what is left now is arguably the most important part of your landlord career. How you manage your Broward County property from here on can make or break your investment. Before even thinking about advertising your […]

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