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Are you having difficulty trying to balance your personal life and your responsibilities as a property manager?

If you answered Yes, then it may be in your best interest to hire a property manager. We are a professional Plantation property management company.

Florida Property Management & Sales is a professional Plantation property management company. Whether you live in Plantation, FL or are an out-of-state real estate investor, with our range of property management services, you can rest assured your home is in safe hands.

Our company has the experience, skills, training, and resources to manage your home or other rental properties. Our goal is to help investors like you maximize their rental income from their Plantation properties through our exceptional services.

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Why You Should Hire Plantation, FL Rental Management & Sales: Our Management Services

When it comes to Plantation property management, Florida Property Management & Sales is a company that comes second to none. We are industry leaders in offering clients expert and reputable property management services. Whatever your needs, our team of property managers are sure to help.


Also, our comprehensive and all-inclusive property management services are competitively priced. Our team is hard-working, efficient, dedicated, and constantly pushing the boundaries.

Here are a few reasons why many rental property owners in Plantation have trusted us as their property manager.


1. Low Vacancies

A vacant Plantation rental property is any owners worst nightmare. It brings zero rental income at the end of the month, but the bills still pile up.

You may need to look for money elsewhere to pay for things like your own home mortgage, property taxes, and property repairs.

If you hire us, low vacancies can be a thing of the past. You can bank on our experience and credibility in the industry to help you find a tenant quickly. Our marketing services are wide-ranging and effective.


2. Good Tenants

At Florida Property Management & Sales, we believe in renting to high-quality tenants who are trustworthy, pay their rent in a timely manner, cause fewer maintenance issues, rent long-term, and respect your real estate.


Tenants with these desirable qualities are the ones we aim for. We subject all rental applicants to a thorough screening process to improve our chances of finding such tenants.

Our screening process before we allow tenants to occupy your properties takes a four-step approach. We check the tenant’s level of income, creditworthiness, and rental and criminal background. It’s only after a tenant has passed these stages that we allow them to sign the lease.


3. Rental Pricing

Rental pricing is an area where many rental property owners tend to make mistakes. They often undercharge or overcharge their tenants. Consequently, they end up either having a difficultly filling their vacant properties or leaving money on the table.

Without the necessary skills or experience, determining the correct price for your rental home may prove daunting. Fortunately, you can count on us for help. We have been doing it for our clients for over 40 years and have been highly successful at it.


4. Rent Collection

Rent is the lifeblood of your rental business. If rent doesn’t come in, you risk suffering financial ruin. At Florida Property Management & Sales, we can take away that uncertainty for you.


We provide our tenants with easy and convenient rent payment solutions to minimize rent payment issues. We also ensure that all key rent-related terms are in the lease agreement.

Such terms include:

  • The monthly rent amount.
  • When the rent is due—usually on the 1st of every month.
  • Accepted payment methods. Examples include check, direct deposit, money order and online.
  • The late fee amount.
  • Penalties for checks that bounce.

Clarifying everything on the lease helps avoid rent-related issues. As a result, tenants pay their rent on time, and we pay our clients without delays.


5. Legal Compliance

The real estate property management business is guided by many laws, including habitability laws, security deposit laws, and the Federal Fair Housing laws. Understanding all these regulations can prove tricky.

What’s more, many laws change regularly. For instance, Congress recently amended the Federal Fair Housing Laws of 1968 to include more protected classes.

Let Florida Property Management & Sales take care of all the legal issues for you. Our staff is knowledgeable about real estate laws and stays up to date on any changes.


6. Financial Reporting

We understand how much your investment means to you. For this reason, we’ll make sure to update you on the performance of your investment at regular intervals.


We provide all our clients with an Online Portal where they can access their financial reporting. You can view this information all day, any day as long as you’re connected to the internet.


7. Eviction Process

Tenant evictions are notoriously stressful, time-consuming, and draining. Sadly, they are an inevitable occurrence in a landlord’s career. Many landlords don’t know how to go about evicting a tenant as they don’t understand the legal process.

Luckily, Florida Property Management & Sales can help. Our property managers ensure evictions are as professional and as efficient as possible.

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We have been experts in Plantation real estate property management for more than 40 years, so we know the area well. During this time, our team of property managers has been able to fine-tune our management services to ensure clients get the best we can offer.

Our goal as a property management company is to minimize the stress that comes with owning a rental home while ensuring our clients get the best return.

Thanks to our combined years of experience and expertise, we can provide you with unparalleled Plantation property management services.

Are you searching for a team of professionals who can help you manage your Plantation property?

If so, we are here to help you with all your management needs. Reach us at (954) 752 – 4800 and let us do what we do best.


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