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Top 8 Questions From New Owners & Investors

1. How Does Property Management Work?

Your dream of effortless property management in Fort Lauderdale is now a reality with our comprehensive services. As your full-service rental management company, we handle all aspects of running your rental business. Leasing, rent collections, accounting, maintenance, renter relations, and legal issues.

We include you in important decisions and handle the day to day without bothering you. We keep you out of trouble, keep your property leased and maintained, and do everything to increase the return on your investment. We do all the work, and you get the proceeds deposited directly into your bank account.

2. How Much Do You Charge?

That is an important question, we have 3 different packages with management rates ranging from 8-12%, so there’s something for everyone depending upon your needs. Want to know what you get in return for that investment? We save you money with shorter vacancies, higher qualified renters, and less expensive repairs. We give renters excellent service, so they renew year after year, we preserve the value of your property so you get maximum rental rates, and we guarantee our services. We save you time by answering inquiries, showing property, handling repairs, vendors, bookkeeping, chasing rent collections, and more. We protect you by complying with HUD, state, local and association guidelines.

We eliminate the stress, mitigate the risk, and increase your bottom line. Hiring us allows you to have truly passive income.

3. How Do You Determine The Rental Rate Of My South Florida Property?

In the rental of property, much like in the sale of a property, there are multiple factors to consider when determining value: condition, access for showings, and demand. When you hire us, we complete a detailed market analysis that considers all factors and will recommend a price that will cause it to rent in the shortest period of time for the highest rate to a fully qualified renter. When you become a client, we inspect the property, complete a pricing analysis, and give you recommendations to maximize your income. To get started, contact us today.

4. How Long Will It Take To Rent Out My Home?

When a property is in move-in condition, priced properly for the current, local market, and is easy to view it should rent within weeks. We handle every aspect from photography and marketing, to showings and lease negotiations, through application screening and move-in. If you opt for our Ultimate package, it includes a renter placement guarantee so if we don’t place a renter in 28 days, you get 2 free months of our service. No renter, no fees.

5. How Does Maintenance Work, Do You Add Fees?

When a renter notifies us of a needed repair, our maintenance specialists troubleshoot to see if we can guide them to handle it themselves – like a reset for a disposal, shutting off water to prevent flooding, walking them through resetting a breaker or GFI outlet. Once we verify the issue, we assign the proper vendor. If a handywoman can handle a repair, we use her before sending a plumber. We always dispatch licensed and insured vendors as required by job, follow up and make sure the pricing is fair. For renter caused repairs, we collect the cost directly from the renter. We do not add on to any maintenance items. We also employ our own in-house handypeople so we can respond quickly at a lower cost to you.

6. Do You Handle Broward County Evictions?

It’s not surprising that this is a question most landlords ask, as many people have either been in a position requiring legal action or have heard horror stories. Yes, we can handle an eviction for you with the help of our attorney, but we would rather avoid them by employing proven tactics. Above average screening with cross reference, stringent credit requirements, verification of income and rental history, thorough pet screening for every applicant, and collecting double the average security deposit ensure we attract quality renters who take great care of the property and meet their obligations. Look, life changes and people suffer setbacks, it’s part of life. Our strength is in our relationships with our customers and effective communication; this, combined with decades of experience helps us work out solutions that do not involve eviction. We’ve got your back.

7. Which Package Is Best For Me?

If you have one or two condo units with little maintenance needs, you’re likely a fit for our standard package. It includes the same high-quality management as our other packages, and the Price Match Guarantee, Results guarantee, and Satisfaction guarantee. Most owners of single-family homes go with our Plus package, which offers no set up fee and free eviction administration and a 4th guarantee, lease fulfillment. Now, if you’re one who wants to be hands off and worry free, then I recommend our Ultimate package as it includes landlord protection insurance in the event of a catastrophe which can cause you losses, like a renter death or incarceration, deliberate damages, and evictions and more. **(Only available for FPM placed renters) It also includes our 5th guarantee, Renter Placement.

8. What Will You Need From Me, Any Out-of-pocket Expenses/fees?

There are no out of pocket fees for the plus and ultimate packages, and a $99 set up fee for the standard package. The leasing fee is paid out of the renter’s first month’s rent. When we set up your account, we will request funds for your reserves held for emergencies, typically $500 per property. All other expenses like management fees and repairs are deducted from the rent each month, then the proceeds sent to you.

Choose The Right Management Package For Your Home


  • 8% Per Month
  • Up to 2 Inspection Included
  • 1 Month Lease Fee
  • 50% Month Renewal Fee
  • $45 Lease Preparation Fee
  • $75 Vacant Management
  • $99 Set Up
  • $100 Eviction Admin
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Results Guarantee
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


  • 10% Per Month

  • Up to 3 Inspection Included
  • 1 Month Lease Fee
  • 50% Month Renewal Fee
  • Free Lease Preparation
  • $75 Vacant Management
  • Free Set Up
  • Free Eviction Admin
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Results Guarantee
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lease Fulfillment Guarantee


  • 12% Per Month
  • Up to 4 Inspection Included
  • 1 Month Lease Fee
  • 50% Month Renewal Fee
  • Free Lease Preparation
  • Free Vacant Management
  • Free Set Up
  • Free Eviction Admin
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Results Guarantee
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lease Fulfillment Guarantee
  • Renter Placement Guarantee
  • Landlord Protection Insurance Included
  • Free Enhanced Reporting

Our Management Guarantees - 5 Point Promise

Renter Guarantee Renter Placement Guarantee We guarantee we will place a renter within 28 days, or the first two months of management fees are FREE!
Renter Guarantee Lease Fulfillment Guarantee We guarantee that if a renter we place is evicted or breaks the lease, we will re-rent the unit for FREE!
Renter Guarantee Satisfaction Guarantee We’re so confidant you will be happy with our services, if you are not satisfied with our services you can cancel with no penalty.
Renter Guarantee Price Match Guarantee We will match any competitor’s price and terms, apples to apples.
Renter Guarantee Results Guarantee We don’t get paid unless you get paid. You will not be charged a management fee unless rent is collected.

Why Choose Us?

We’ll come up with strategic rental prices

Rent collection is always one of the most important aspects of running a rental property.

That’s because the right amount of rent not only attracts tenants but this also makes sure that you profit from your investment.

That’s why it’s critical for the rent amount to be balanced and calculated.

To achieve this, we do a thorough rental market analysis.

We’ll also calculate your neighborhood average to ensure that your rental price is within a decent range.

We’ll effectively market your property

Getting your vacancies filled is at the top of our list of priorities.

That’s because we understand that vacancies equate to losses.

You can depend on the team at Florida Property Management and Sales to effectively advertise your rentals.

We use targeted adverts to ensure we attract the right long-term tenants for your property, and fast.

We’ll handle tenant screening and interviews

If you don’t have much experience screening tenants, don’t stress.

We can handle that for you too.

It takes a certain level of professional knowledge, and experience to execute proper and effective tenant screening.

Luckily, we’ve got all that and more. Florida Property Management and Sales has been dealing with and recruiting amazing tenants for many years.

We know what to look for in a good tenant and how to verify their history and dependability.

That way, we’ll be able to narrow down to the best tenants available.

We’ll collect rent payments for you

Collecting rent is not always so easy to a new landlord… or even an experienced one.

We understand how vital it is to the growth of your investment.

That’s why we are always very proactive when it comes to rent collection.

We use proven methods, from the selection process to the rental agreement, to make sure that your tenants pay on time.

We’ll manage your tenants, their complaints, and maintenance needs

The best part about hiring us is that you get to own a rental property without having to deal with the related issues.

We’ll handle everything affecting your tenants’ happiness living in your rental.

That means:

  • Making sure we tend to their complaints and requests promptly
  • Effecting fast repairs
  • Keeping the property clean and well-maintained
This is obviously important because when your tenants are happy, they stay for longer, take care of your property, and make positive referrals.

We’ll handle your property’s legal compliance

Don’t stress about learning all of Florida’s landlord-tenant laws. We’ll handle that for you too.

We have a team of trained and qualified staff with in-depth and up-to-date knowledge about all local, state, and federal rental property laws.

We offer you more freedom and time

Managing a rental property comes with many responsibilities. You have to be ready – at all times – to tend to your property’s and tenants’ needs.

If you hire Florida Property Management and Sales, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our services will offer you more time to handle more important tasks in your life.

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