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Guide to Neighborhoods in Plantation, FL

Neighborhoods In Plantation, Fl

As hinted in the name itself, the city of Plantation is home to Florida’s greenest, most bountiful scenery. This suburb prides itself on its close-knit community feel that warmly welcomes incoming visitors. Plantation has both city and nature environments that each host related attractions and activities.

Bustling, accessible shopping and dining options are abundant. There is a variety of outdoor pastimes and events offered. Moreover, the city has many community centers and parks.

The several tennis courts, golf courses and parks provide the option for an active lifestyle within nature. To learn about the city’s rich history, The Plantation Museum is the source.

In Plantation, FL, there are a variety of home options available. Single-family homes found in the city’s inviting neighborhoods are copious and affordable. Plantation, FL, is an exceptional location for a fulfilling and thriving life.  

If you’re thinking of relocating to Plantation, Florida, here’s a list of beautiful neighborhoods in the area:

Plantation Acres

Started in 1973, Plantation Acres is a community offering an array of activities to bring the neighbors together. Plantation Acres has a lively clubhouse open to all residents and guests for gatherings and social events. Additionally, lush greenery surrounds the professional-grade tennis courts that are maintained for and available to the community.

Plantation Acres is perfect for families looking for a safe, relaxed environment to grow within. Single-family homes embody a variety of different types of architectural styles and there is something for everyone. Market prices in Plantation Acres range from $205,000 – $3,900,000 and, on average, have four bedrooms and three bathrooms.


Jacaranda is a neighborhood perfect for families with kids. There are numerous, highly rated schools in the vicinity.

With a clubhouse, the neighborhood promotes community togetherness in relaxed scenery. Also, for a fun pastime, there is the Jacaranda Golf Club. The club boasts two expansive golf courses and holds tournaments and other events to enjoy.

Private Golf Club In Jacaranda

Jacaranda features single-family homes and condos that are individually unique in design. Because of the schools and outdoor activities available, this community provides families with a rewarding lifestyle. Market prices in Jacaranda range from $115,000 – $1,100,000 and, on average, have three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Lauderdale West

Lauderdale West is a closely-knit community brought together by the clubhouse. It serves to provide information to the neighborhood’s residents and host events.

The homes in the area are affordable and perfectly sized for young families, as well as near quality schools. Additionally, the residents have access to the community’s spacious tennis courts.

Lauderdale West has an array of mid-sized homes made for smaller families. This neighborhood’s gorgeous environment makes for a sought-after area. Market prices in Lauderdale West range from $75,000 – $300,000 and, on average, have two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Lago Mar

Lago Mar, established in 1975, is a beautiful living area. This community brings its residents together though its thriving clubhouse and pool, open for everyone. Moreover, the neighborhood has a premier private country club to fulfill residents’ golfing and tennis desires. 

Lago Mar is plentiful in beachy-styled homes. The fantastic public schools and community pool makes for an enjoyable living area for families. Market prices in Lago Mar range from $80,000 – $950,000 and, on average, have two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Hawks Landing

One of the more newly established neighborhoods in Plantain, FL, Hawks Landing is a luxurious area. The community features a clubhouse for throwing events. Hawks Landing also has several tennis courts for games at any time of the day. 

Hawks Landing is filled with large-scale, modern-style homes. The community is vibrant and welcoming. Market prices in Hawks Landing range from $775,000 – $2,850,000 and, on average, have five bedrooms and four bathrooms.


A beautiful, slow-paced area, Bridgewater is a close community. The area’s lush scenery makes for an attractive area to live when choosing to relocate to Plantain, FL. The clubhouse establishes the sense of community in Bridgewater.

Sense Of Community In Bridgewater

Bridgewater’s single-family houses have a balanced aesthetic between modern and traditional. The schools in the vicinity make the neighborhood perfect for families with children. Market prices in Bridgewater range from $225,000 – $440,000 and, on average, have three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Sunset Cove

Sunset Cove has many amenities as part of the community clubhouse, making the area extremely desirable. The community is lined with greenery, making it stand out. Furthermore, for families, there are several well-rated schools in the district.

Sunset Cove has many single-family homes available to potential move-ins. Their styles vary, however, each one suits the needs of a family in this beautiful area. Market prices in Sunset Cove range from $240,000 – $420,000 and, on average, have three bedrooms and two bathrooms.


In short, each of these Plaintain, FL, neighborhoods offer a desirable lifestyle within attractive areas. Regardless of where you decide to relocate within Plaintain, FL, the outcomes will be fulfilling everywhere. If you need more information towards helping you find the right property in Plaintain, FL, contact Florida Property Management & Sales today!