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South Florida Property Investors

Are you looking to invest in Fort Lauderdale or Broward County, FL?

If you are, look no further than Florida Property Management & Sales. With over 40 years of experience in the local real estate market, we can help you make the best possible investment purchase. 

Whatever type of investment you are after, we can help. We specialize in single-family homes, apartments, condos and even commercial properties. 

Our staff understands the complexity of buying an investment property and all the steps involved. Because of this, we have evolved unique methods and strategies to help streamline and keep the process organized. 

Our Property Management Services

Are you a first-time landlord? Do you lack the experience and skills to manage a rental property effectively? Don’t have the time to respond to tenant issues? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Florida Property Management & Sales can help. While anyone can own property, not just anyone can manage it. Being a successful landlord requires a certain set of skills, experience and knowledge. Without these, you risk turning your potential cash cow into a money pit. 

Florida Property Management & Sales has been managing properties in Florida for the past 40 years. During this time, we’ve helped many property owners achieve peace of mind through quality property management services.

Investors Property Management Services

We are a full-service property management company. What that means is that we can help property owners in all facets of property management. We fill vacancies, collect rent, make repairs, just to name a few of our services, making us a one-stop-shop. 

What’s more, we also guarantee all of our services. We offer property owners a whopping 5 guarantees: Renter Placement Guarantee, Lease Fulfilment Guarantee, Satisfaction Guarantee, Price Match Guarantee, and Results Guarantee. 

What Makes Broward County An Ideal Investment Location?

Broward County is proving to be an ideal investment location for various reasons. For one, there is a high potential for returns on investment. 

“The South Florida market is going to be great. Any investor getting in now can’t lose so long as they buy in the right neighborhood,” says Jared Ringel, an agent with Compass Florida who covers Palm Beach, Miami and Broward Counties. 

Edgardo Defortuna, President and CEO of Fortune International Group also holds similar sentiments. “In South Florida, homes that were renting for $15,000 to $20,000 are now renting for up to $70,000,” he says. 

Besides the potential for high returns, Broward County is also conveniently located between two major airports. This easy accessibility has made it attractive to premium buyers and renters. 

“From Fort Lauderdale all the way to Palm Beach, waterfront homes are being absorbed very quickly, at prices we haven’t seen in a while,” says Mr. Defortuna. 

How Florida Property Management & Sales Can Help

Florida Property Management & Sales is among the leading property management companies in Broward County and the surrounding areas. With our help, we can help you make the right investment decision. 

Investment Decision With Help

We have a team of reliable, professional real estate agents that can help you scout the best investment home. 

As you most likely already know, buying an investment property can be rewarding. Not only will you be able to diversify your investment portfolio, but you can earn passive income for many years to come.

That said, that can only be possible if you make the right moves. For example, buying the right property, in the right location, and for the best price. Without the experience, though, the chances of making costly mistakes can be high. 

However, by hiring us, we’ll make sure you meet all your investment goals. We have been operating in the local real estate market for the last 40 years and understand its ins and outs.

So, are you ready to start earning passive income for generations to come? If so, get in touch with us ASAP. You can call us at (954)752-4800 or leave us a message on our contact form

What You Should Expect By Working With Us

Working with us means less stress for you. We’ll do all the heavy lifting on your behalf. Our goal is to help you buy the home of your dreams and manage it without the hassle. The following are a couple of things our team will help you with throughout the Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, and South Florida area.

1. We’ll perform all the due diligence for you.

We have the resources to help our clients weigh their investment decisions. We’ll provide you with crucial insights, including the average rents, potential property appreciation rates, tenant turnover rates, and vacancy rates. 

2. You won’t have to worry about the paperwork. 

If you have purchased a property before, you know that there is a ton of paperwork involved in real estate transactions. Moreover, as you probably know, making a small mistake can prove costly. 

At Florida Property Management & Sales, we have a team of experts that can help you in this regard. They will go through all the legal jargon to make sure your interests are taken into account. 

3. We’ll help you get proper financing.

If you are buying an investment property for the first time, finances can be a challenge. However, once again, Florida Property Management & Sales can help. 

Our real estate agents will assess your situation and help you get the right financier. From bank loans to FHA loans to private money lenders, we’ll help you choose the right partner. 

4. We’ll help make your property ready to rent. 

Should your Broward County property need some upgrading, you can still count on our help. We can provide you access to a team of reliable, professional contractors and vendors to help in this regard. 

Areas We Serve

Florida Property Management & Sales serves the following areas in Florida: Coral Springs, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Tamarac, Miramar, Plantation, Sunrise, Weston, Coconut Creek, and Cooper City.