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Are you looking for a professional property manager in Davie, Florida?

Are you ready to work with a supportive property management team to grow your rental property business?

At Florida Property Management & Sales, we offer superb value by maximizing your rental property’s potential. We oversee the finer business details, from proven marketing strategies to proper tenant screening systems, and from property care to preventative maintenance. We have a transparent system in place to monitor your monthly revenues and we will provide you with financial reports to constantly keep you updated.

We want you to enjoy the rewards of your property investment. We also want to minimize your stress resulting from property ownership and rental management.

Florida Property Management & Sales has been providing outstanding value to countless property owners in South Florida for over 40 years. We design tailored strategies and prepare rental market analysis for our clients. As a company in South Florida, we offer a wide array of services, from tenant recruitment to property upkeep. Utilizing cutting edge technology and devoting personal attention, we focus on our clients’ needs using a consistent, hands-on approach. Our years of professional experience in the property industry speak to our expertise and the excellent value we keep providing to our clients over time. We continuously work hard to deliver a superior customer service experience for you and your tenants.


Our property management services

Florida Property Management & Sales maintains a hands-on approach and capitalizes on our real estate industry skills and knowledge. We offer first-rate services in property marketing, tenant screening, rent setting, rent collection, property upkeep, and financial reporting.


1. Marketing your rental property

We take charge of marketing your rental property. Our primary approach is to use targeted advertisements.


We analyze the market and position your property strategically to attract a pool of quality tenants. At Florida Property Management & Sales, we prioritize the high occupancy of your properties to minimize your monthly expenses.


2. Tenant screening and interviewing process


We use our professional knowledge and solid experience to help you choose the best and most qualified tenants. Four decades of tenant recruitment has honed our skills in finding qualifying renters. We have an excellent tenant screening process that we have executed flawlessly over the years.


3. Rent collection

We have efficient procedures for prompt rent collection in place. We use a variety of practical strategies to encourage tenants to pay promptly. Florida Property Management & Sales works hard to ensure that our clients are rewarded for their property investments.


4. Rent setting

We conduct a rental market analysis and survey the neighborhood for rental price comparisons. This way, we can check and adjust rental prices accordingly. We ensure that your property is not priced way above the market value, thus discouraging potential tenants. We also make sure it is not below market value, thus diminishing your optimal income. Rent price is a sensitive factor in the property rental business and we have the know-how to balance it.


5. Property repairs and maintenance

We regularly conduct property inspections to exercise preventive maintenance.


Your property’s upkeep is one of our main priorities in order to ensure a lower operational cost. Even if proximity to your property is an issue for you, we can be relied upon to keep your property in excellent condition.


6. Tenant management

We take customer service seriously, and we strive to keep open lines of communication with both the tenants and the landlords. We cultivate a positive and professional rapport with both parties. If any issues or concerns are raised, we will promptly implement appropriate solutions. Tenant retention is valuable at Florida Property Management & Sales. We will always look for ways to deliver amazing customer service, thereby increasing your chances of business growth.


7. Partnerships with vendors and service providers

With over 40 years of working with several reputable vendors and services, we have formed great partnerships. We trust that they will deliver high-quality products and services at lower prices, which leads to lower operation costs and maximum profits for you.


8. Legal compliance

We constantly update ourselves on the Florida landlord-tenant laws. We pay attention to the current local, state, and federal rental property laws to monitor your legal compliance. Lawsuits can be costly, and part of our responsibility is to steer you away from that stress and financial burden.


9. More time and freedom

We know that managing a rental property on your own can be time-consuming and requires constant effort.


At Florida Property Management & Sales, we take care of our clients’ property investments so they can enjoy its rewards while focusing their time and energy on other financial opportunities and leisure.


10. Support your financial goals

At Florida Property Management & Sales, we are your partners in growing your investments. We fully support our clients’ financial goals and work with them by applying strategic management techniques. We strive to lower operational costs and attain optimal profits. Financial statements are also provided, giving you transparency to our management operations.


Davie, Florida

Davie, Florida, is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale. It takes a half-hour to reach Miami and is considered one of the best places to live, with most residents owning their own homes. It has a suburban environment with lots of parks, restaurants, and cafes. Among the top places to visit at Davie, Florida, are Sawgrass Mills Mall, Flamingo Gardens, Vista View Park, Billie Swamp Safari, Tree Tops Park, and Las Olas Boulevard.

Davie, Florida, is an ideal place to live, populated by young professionals and families. The public schools in Davie, Florida, are categorized as above average, making quality education readily accessible. Residents tend to have liberal political views.

The best things about choosing to live in Davie, Florida, are cultural diversity, wonderful amenities, and its proximity to nature. Residents are spoiled for choices when it comes to parks, beaches, water recreation, and shopping entertainment centers. It has great schools and a warm and welcoming community. Owning and renting a property in Davie, Florida, is definitely a good value for its friendly neighborhood appeal and regular community events.


Areas We Serve

Besides Davie, we also service the areas of Parkland, Pembroke Pines, Coconut Creek, Miramar, Cooper City, Plantation, Sunrise, Tamarac, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, and Weston.