South Florida is Hot

The South Florida Rental Market Is Hot!South Florida is America's own little patch of tropical Caribbean paradise—a fact that is currently reflected in its booming rental market. According to a recent report compiled by Altisource's RentRange, which analyzed the fastest-growing rental markets across the United States, South Florida is one of the “breakout stars” in [...]

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Four Costly Landlord Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

As a landlord, there's a lot of responsibility riding on your shoulders, both personally and financially: Making a single major mistake might cost you thousands of dollars, or worse, cost you your reputation as an effective property owner and manager. It's therefore extremely important to verse yourself on the most common serious errors landlords make [...]

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Pet Friendly Rentals

Landlords, Pay Attention: The Benefits Of Pet-Friendly Rental Homes Though many of us love pets, from a property owner's perspective, they're not always the ideal housemates: They chew, they may track in dirt and debris, they scratch... In short, for all that they provide pleasant company, they can be destructive. This has led to a [...]

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